About Us

The Student Success Centre is dedicated to helping all students achieve their academic, professional and personal potential and get the most out of their educational experience at SMU.

The Centre aims to

Provide targeted development of academic, intellectual and life skills

Offer support for the transition and integration in a university

Facilitate and coordinate peer support and mentoring networks

Develop and enhance socio-cultural and intergroup understanding and integration in SMU

From the Vice Provost

The Student Success Centre aims to equip all students with the necessary tools and support to get the most out of their education experience at SMU. Guided by the SMU Holistic Student Development Framework, SSC focuses on facilitating the development of undergraduate and postgraduate students’ journey in SMU to become broadly educated individuals, with depth of knowledge in selected domains, and capabilities.

We hope to achieve this by offering a comprehensive suite of programmes that empowers students through academic support, peer to peer networks, leadership and personal development in order to attain their academic and learning goals. I encourage you to stay connected with us in order to explore the opportunities available to you and maximise your potential.

Professor Venky Shankararaman

Vice Provost (Education)
Professor of Information Systems (Education)
Singapore Management University