Academic Support

The Blended Learning Journey

As part of the SMU Digital Learning Strategy, SMU has embarked on a blended learning approach that combines both face-to-face and online learning whilst keeping to its distinctive learning pedagogy and small class size. Students will be better prepared to leverage digital tools to solve problems, produce innovative solutions, and enhance collaborative opportunities in order to navigate the ever-increasing digital world.

The Student Success Centre supports this initiative which aims to help students transit seamlessly from learning in a fully physical classroom setting to a blended learning environment. 

In collaboration with the Centre for Teaching Excellence

SSC Mentoring Programmes

The Student Success Centre Mentoring Programmes hopes to nurture an environment where students can build meaningful relationships, share knowledge and experience, and support and encourage each other throughout their academic learning journey in SMU.

SSC’s Mentoring Programme is a 3-category approach, namely: Within Scholarships, Across Scholarships and Across SMU. 


Increase social connection and building a sense of belonging within peer support networks

Facilitate exchange of academic information and resources 

Provide opportunities for mutual learning and gaining new perspectives

Enhance personal communication and social skills

Calling for Mentors

 If you wish to register your interest in becoming a mentor, please email the Student Success Centre at for more details.